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Last Chance for Environmental Support Through Become Green Together.

Local voluntary and community organisations are invited to apply to Become Green Together: a programme designed to give you practical, accessible guidance on how to make your workplace environmentally sustainable.

Through the Become Green Together initiative, genee are delivering the Investors in the Environment (iiE) accreditation scheme to the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, giving them access to a wealth of resources and expertise. Investors in the Environment is a nationally recognised environmental accreditation programme, and is structured to help organisations with little time, money or resource, to become environmentally sustainable.

The iiE programme will not only help you understand your organisation’s environmental impact, but it will also help establish effective solutions to reduce it, helping your organisation save time and money, plan for the future, and gain recognition in the process.

It’s vital that the VCSE sector becomes more environmentally sustainable, to meet our responsibility to support and protect disadvantaged communities who will face the worst impacts of climate change, and to make the future greener and fairer for young people. Embedding environmental sustainability in your organisation also helps you meet the requirements of funders, prepare for changing legislation, and create new opportunities to support your core work.

Become Green Together will help you build an environmental strategy which works for you. You’ll be able to understand your environmental impact with a carbon footprint calculator, and demonstrate your progress to stakeholders with accreditation through the Investors in the Environment framework.

September is the last month to apply. Find out more and sign up through the Going Green Together website, and find out how training bursaries can support you through the programme on VONNE’s blog. Contact the project coordinator Nathaniel Spain at


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