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What are the different emission scopes of the Green House Gas Protocol?

Scope 1 - direct GHG emissions

Includes emissions from activities owned or controlled by the academy trust that release omissions into the atmosphere. Examples include emissions from combustion in owned or controlled boilers, vehicles.

Report as a minimum:

• emissions from combustion of gas and fuel for transport purposes.

Scope 2 – energy indirect emissions

Includes emissions from own consumption of purchased electricity, heat, steam and cooling. These are a consequence of the academy trust's activities but are from sources not owned/controlled.

Report as a minimum:

• emissions from purchased electricity.

Scope 3 – other indirect emissions

Emissions that are as a consequence of the academy trust's actions but the source is not owned or controlled, and which are not classed as scope 2 emissions. For example business travel in private cars.

Report as a minimum:

• emissions from business travel in rental or employee-owned vehicles where the academy trust is responsible for purchasing the fuel.


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