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Genee is Supporting Durham Based Start-Ups to Integrate Sustainability

Genee are delighted to be partnering with Business Durham and Durham County Council, to support Durham Start-Ups and entrepreneurs to embed sustainability.

The initiative is aimed at creating an integrated partnership delivery approach to support enterprising and business start-ups in County Durham, and Genee has been enlisted to provide expert, fully-funded sustainability support and advice over the next 12 months.

Genee felt it important to be a part of this initiative supporting start-ups in County Durham, given the pressing need to embed sustainability coupled with the constraints for small businesses, particularly start-ups who are entering a competitive market in tough economic conditions.

Being a North East SME ourselves, Genee is acutely aware of the challenges other SMEs in the region face, from time constraints and resources, in house knowledge and expertise to forward planning. Genee’s approach is always to help reduce the burden on businesses when approaching their environmental impacts and help them embed sustainability effectively.

Having a sustainability strategy within your organisation is becoming progressively more important for a range of stakeholders, with pressure primarily coming from customers and employees, and increasingly from the supply chain. However, taking action can be overwhelming for those who don’t know where to start. Genee wants to ensure that this opportunity is used to outline how integrating sustainability into a start-up can ensure economic longevity and support the bottom-line of the businesses involved. They will be doing this through a suite of support that includes training, one to one support, carbon reduction strategies and accreditation through Investors in the Environment, a nationally recognised environmental accreditation.

Genee’s Managing Director, Jo Holmes, said, “we’re thrilled to be able to support start-ups in County Durham to integrate sustainability into their organisations from the get-go and highlight the multitude of opportunities across the green economy. It’s more important than ever to be looking at how we can lessen the environmental impact of our organisations, and move towards greater sustainability, but we also need to ensure that support is there for those organisations who don’t have the money, resources or in-house knowledge.”

Durham Start-Ups provides a single point of contact for you to access a broad range of start-up support in County Durham. If this is of interest to you, please contact them at, or 0191 625 1221.


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