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genee celebrates two North East winners at the iiE Awards

The iiE (Investors in the Environment) awards took place last week, celebrating organisations across the U.K. who have made huge strides in improving their environmental impact and approach to sustainability within the past year. As the delivering partner of iiE within the North East, genee was thrilled to see recognition for two of their member organisations, as receivers of major national awards.

Genee partnered with iiE in 2018 to deliver their environmental accreditation scheme, and with their expert sustainability knowledge, have helped organisations across the North East of England save money, time and improve their impact on the planet.

Having recently achieved their green accreditation within the iiE framework, Durham County Council took home the award for Overall Outstanding Achiever (Large Business), an award sponsored by Ecotricity. The panel of judges were encouraged to see the significant steps that Durham County Council have taken to reduce their carbon footprint, through development of their own carbon tracking system and decarbonisation programme across their buildings and schools. The council has adopted a climate emergency agenda across all departments, extending their climate targets to include biodiversity and ecological improvements.

Gateshead Council have achieved the award for Best Carbon Reduction, an award sponsored by Green Energy Switch. From switching streetlights to LEDs, to new solar parks providing heat and power to council buildings, Gateshead Council have impressed with their broad range of projects. Their investment in innovative mine water heating is also starting to provide heat to local customers at a price guaranteed to be at least 5% below market rate.

With a framework which is simple to follow yet efficient in establishing effective environmental management systems within organisations, genee has established a wide roster of members working towards iiE accreditation within the North East. Genee works with a range of organisations both large and small, from VCSE organisation through the Become Green Together programme, to councils and NHS hospital trusts.

Managing Director of genee, Jo Holmes said “We were thrilled to have North East winners at this year’s awards! Our organisations work so hard to identify, measure and reduce their environmental impacts its wonderful to have that work recognised and celebrated. It is inspiring to see active and measurable development within organisations when it comes to their sustainability and environmental management, which will have a lasting impact on the organisation and the planet.”


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